My husband and I have been friends with Dane for years.  When we decided to sell our "starter" home in University City and buy our "forever" home in Scripps Ranch, we knew we needed an experienced real estate agent to help with that endeavor, and that Dane was the right man for the job!  He is friendly and personable, but aggressive when needed.  Our house sold for full asking price after three days on the market, and set a neighborhood record for the price.  

Because we were looking for our forever home, we were very picky and set on our list of must-haves and non-negotiables.  We found a home we loved, and apparently so did a lot of other prospective buyers.  Dane used his negotiation skills to move us to the front of the line and got the sellers to only deal with us.  We ended up getting our dream home at a price that we felt was fair and reasonable!

Since closing on our home, issues and questions pop up from time to time.  Dane always goes out of his way to look into an issue or answer a question for us even though his job is done and his commission check cleared long ago. 

Dane truly goes above and beyond, and we would recommend him to anyone about to embark on the exciting, and sometimes scary, adventure of selling and buying a home.