As a first-time homebuyer, picking the right agent is of the utmost importance. The learning curve is steep but I know I made the best choice because Dane kept me informed every step of the way. Before working with Dane, I had mediocre experiences with less qualified agents. Now, I can proudly say that Dane has a lifetime customer in me, as well as a friend. 

Dane’s expertise was not only in finding great homes in awesome areas but also his knowledge of the lending process and financial planning was a big bonus. He was patient and made sure I had a clear understanding of every decision I was making and that I was happy and comfortable with those decisions. He clearly is not just in it to make a quick buck but values creating long term relationships. He was extremely focused on me and my needs, almost like I was his only client. That meant the world to me. I guarantee that anyone who works with Dane will feel the same way.